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MQL BLUE | Forex Strategies Programming | MQL Programming | Trade Copier

Forex Programming, MQL Programming, Forex Programming Service, Best Forex Programmers

The Forex programming services provided by our company are more than creating personalised strategies for the Forex market. In order to maintain the highest standards, we provide modern, safe, and efficient solutions. Forex Programming, MQL Programming, Forex Programming Service, Best Forex Progammers, Rewrite MQL4 to MQL5.


Forex Programming

Automated Forex trading strategies are programmed by the best specialists; the team of our employees can create for you any Forex strategy, the preparation of which will be based on individual needs and guidelines we receive. Our Forex strategies are programmed by people with vast Forex trading experience, who know the current standards and can perfectly determine a modern investor’s needs. Therefore you receive a tool that is fully compatible with MetaTrader 4/5 trading platform and offers functionality you always desired, we also rewrite MQL4 to MQL5.


Discover our capabilities

  • Forex strategy programming

    We produce mainly tools for the Forex market, cooperating with MT4/MT5 and fully adjusted to the customer’s individual needs.

  • Just download

    The MQL software we have created will be yours in a moment. Just use our fast servers and download it onto your computer.

  • Professional support

    Only we offer you the assistance of experienced employees, who will always answer all questions and provide expert advice as far as the preparation of the software is concerned.

  • Safety

    We guarantee that while fulfilling the orders for forex strategy software, we do our best to make the it secure, free of viruses, and of course very efficient.


Why Forex Programming?

Probably you are asking yourself why you should choose our offer and what makes our forex strategy software so special? Now, think how many times you have been irritated by various forex strategies before? You certainly have a lot of ideas on how to create much more efficient, but also fully personalised trading strategy software. Now imagine how much you will gain by having access to such software, individualised tools, with their former advantages and without their irritating flaws.

We will turn your idea into reality. Thanks to our many years of experience on the market, we know exactly how to meet the needs of the modern Forex investors, and by employing the best specialists, we ensure flexibility. Remember that our employees will adjust to you and to your needs and not the other way round. See for yourself that our professional forex software will change the forex investing standards you have known so far.

Free One Click Close MT4/MT5
One Click Close is program which allows you close orders quickly. Program display on chart two buttons. The first button "Close all positions" is using to close all opened orders. The second button "Close profit positions" is using to close only profitable orders. EA is closing orders for all available symbols, not only for chart symbol.


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